Youtube sensation: Kalel Cullen

Youtube sensation: Kalel Cullen

Previously I spoke about the fragrance community on youtube. Now it’s time for a girl related channel called “QueenBeauty”. QueenBeauty is made by Kalel Cullen. She’s 22 years old, and looks gorgeous.
Kalel makes tutorials on how to apply make-up. She recreates the make-up that artists wear in music video’s, magazine covers, etc… She also talks about diets, fitness and reviews women’s products.
The channel has a lot of success with women/girls and she has over 200 000 subscribers. But also men can learn from her channel as they can check out what products could be suitable for gifts.
Nowadays Kalel also makes video’s called “LookBooks”. In those video’s she picks one particular brand and makes gorgeous pictures of her and some friends wearing the brands’ clothes.
There is also a website called “xoxoKalel”. There you can watch her video’s and read some of her articles.
Every girl and boy should subscribe to her channel as these video’s could be a source of inspiration. Are you a boy that still doubts if subscribing to her channel is a good idea? She’s gorgeous so it’s a win win situation. Click that “Subscribe” button!

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