YouTube sensation: CTFxC

YouTube sensation: CTFxC

In the past every night I looked some television before I went to bed. Nowadays that television is replaced by YouTube. It all began when I looked to the recommended videos on YouTube. There was a clip posted by “CtxC”. Curious as I was about that name I started watching. I began at the first video in which Charles Trippy said they were going to start vlogging. As I knew the word “Blog” I immediately knew what they were talking about. The couple was going to video themselves every day and post it on YouTube. You can compare this with a reality show only this is better as some reality shows aren’t quite what they seem to be. Vlogs are made more spontaneously which make them of better quality to me.
Like I said before these videos are about a couple. Alli Speed is 21 years old and Charles 26. They live in Florida and have two dogs called Zoey and Marley.  These dogs might not know this but actually they are also playing a huge role in the CTFxC vlogs and everyone loves them. Like I said above these videos are very spontaneously. So spontaneously that Charles proposed to Alli on camera. This proposal vlog is called “Surprise marriage proposal in Spain” and got 2.6 million views which is huge.
Now you wonder if these videos got boring over time... No they don't. Charles and Alli both do some exciting stuff to keep these vlogs interesting and travel a lot so there's always a different setting. Lately Alli and Charles are preparing their wedding so you can watch them buying dresses, etc...
The CTFxC'ers (The community) is huge. Every video Charles and Alli post gets between 100 000 and 200 000 views and the fan mail that the couple receives is mind blowing. They really are celebrities but they don't act like them as they stay themselves and are pretty humble about it.
Charles and Alli not only vlog but they also make some funny skits which you definitely have to check out. But skits aren’t where they stop. Alli and her brother Justin made some video's in which they play games. Now this might seem boring to the most people but they do this while being drunk. Now I know it's not the best example for kids but hey it's fun to watch and not at all inappropriate.
Now CTFxC isn't the only vlog on youtube as they are many others which I will discuss in the future but as they were the first that I subscribed to they also deserve the first article.



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