Fragrances: Basenotes.net

Fragrances: Basenotes.net

As I discussed in an earlier article there is a big community regarding fragrances. Now there are several sites to check out some information about fragrances. In this article I’m going to discuss a site called “Basenotes.net”. It’s one of the biggest fragrance related sites that is on the web. On basenotes you can find anything from new releases to in depth reviews. They even have interviews with some perfumers.
Every fragrance has its own page and you can write a review about it by posting a comment. When you’re a registered user you can access the forum and post new threads. The community is very friendly and helpful so you don’t have to be shy to ask your questions as they will be answered almost immediately. Basenotes added a shop to their site so you can purchase the fragrance you want online. This is only in a BETA version for now but that will change soon.
The blog section of the site is pretty unique. Where most sites post blogs that are written by a professional writer, basenotes posts blogs that are written by their members and  I must say that some of the blogs are pretty useful.
I recommend this site for every fragrance head that is out there as it is one of the most complete sites that is available on the web.


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