COD:MW3 - Little montage

Here is a little montage I made about MW3. More will follow. Enjoy!



Bank Transfer Day Attracts 81,900 RSVPs on Facebook

It started as a Facebook event page on Tuesday, and now it’s grown into a national movement. Today (Nov. 5) is Bank Transfer Day (BTD), a deadline activists... Read more:http://mashable.com/2011/11/05/bank-transfer-day-on-facebook/



Uncharted 3: First impression video

Here is a nice video I found about Uncharted 3:



Will Popeye switch to “Super broccoli”?

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As it is proven that broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables in the World, there’s now a “super broccoli”. The new breed of the green vegetable is packed with a big nutritional punch. It has two to three times the normal amount of glucoraphanin that is found in a normal broccoli which prevents fat to clog the arteries and it reduces the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

super broccoliScientists say the super broccoli tastes a little sweeter as it has les sulphur in it but the general taste should be the same.

The new vegetable was created by cross-breeding a traditional English broccoli and a bitter Sicilian variety. No genetic modification was used.
The “super broccoli” has been on sale as Beneforte in select stores in California and Texas for the last year and hit the British shelves this month.

"There's a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to (glucoraphanin and related compounds) as the most important preventive agents for (heart attacks) and certain cancers, so it's a reasonable thing to do," said Lars Ove Dragsted, a professor in the department of human nutrition at the University of Copenhagen. Glucoraphanin also makes the body stronger and removes dangerous compounds.

Although this sounds very good other scientists say that it won’t have a great impact on people’s health. Eating this “super broccoli” will not make up for smoking or eating unhealthy but it’s a step in the right direction.



Google+ To Integrate With Blogger

Google + is about to integrate with Blogger. This will be very exciting for us bloggers.
Read more about this on http://techcrunch.com/2011/10/24/google-to-integrate-with-blogger/



Google Street View Crew Hit the Swiss Alps Railways [VIDEO]

 Few would complain about this business trip: A crew from Google recently went to the Swiss Alps to film the Albula-Bernina line in Switzerland, considered one of the most scenic railway routes in the world. Read more: http://mashable.com/2011/10/20/google-street-view-crew-hit-the-swiss-alps-railways-video/


Dragon age: Origins PS capturing

I will start making youtube video's about playing games soon. Here are some tests I did with my easycap. Soon I'll be starting to play DC universe online... Hope you'll enjoy these.



Women on the Pill Pick Boring Lovers

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If your husband or longtime male partner has been providing for you nicely but your sex life is a bit dull, it may have something to do with your birth control pill.
2,500 mothers who had at least one child were asked some question about when they first met their partner and if they were on birth control that time. This study, by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, shows that women who were taking a contraceptive pill when they first met their beloved partner, are more likely to stay in a relationship than women who weren’t on the pill. Though the partners of the non-pill taking women are proven to be more handsome, their relationships tend to fail more often.
This research has shown that hormonal variations over the menstrual cycle affect how women see a man as a potential mate partner. It is proven that women prefer more masculine men during ovulation than at other times. The pill neutralizes these variations, making women less interested in the sex appeal of their partners.
Another theory by Roberts claims that women who are on the pill tend to take a partner with an odor that is genetically similar to them. Women who aren’t taking the pill are more attracted to men with an odor that is genetically dissimilar to themselves.
“Women tend to find genetically dissimilar men attractive because resulting babies will be more likely to be healthy,” Roberts said in the release. “It’s part of the subconscious ‘chemistry’ of attraction between men and women.



Hackers Again hit Sony PlayStation Network Accounts

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Today Sony said that intruders were trying to get access to their user data base again. The company locked about 93,000 accounts whose ID’s and passwords were stolen and sent those people an email with password reset directions. Credit card number are not at risk which was the case back in April.
The company doesn’t know if the hacker was working alone or with several other parties. Many people criticized Sony that their security system was to impenetrable and there was a rumor that Sony stored their user passwords in a simple text file with no encryption at all. Now Sony says that their servers weren’t intruded at all but that the user data came from other sources and then was used to log in to Sony’s service.
Sony's customer service centers claimed that they have not seen a spike in user calls related to the incidents.
Sony has only recently recovered from one of the biggest security breaches in history back in April when hackers stole the identities and credit card numbers from more than 100 million of its customers. Playstation network and other services were taken down for more than a month. Though the PlayStation Network gained almost all of their members back in a short period. Hopefully this type of security breach will never happen again.


Paleontologist Discovers "Giant Kraken Lair"

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A kraken is a giant , octopus like, creature. It is famous for their parts in films where the kraken takes down ships and drag them into the ocean. “Pirates Of the Carribean “ is one example where the mighty kraken has been used to take down Captain Jack Sparrow. The mythical kraken might not have been around long enough to be spotted by men but it very well may have been able to feast on large dinosaurs.
Mark McMenamin believes that a real live kraken may have lived in the ocean long before humanity was born. While Mark was investigating the fossilized remains of some ichthyosaurs in the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada, he saw that the bones were rearranged in a organized way which is common behavior for octopuses.
But an octopus as we know it can’t rearrange or kill a 45-foot-log ichthyosaurs so it had to be an ancient predecessor, the mythical kraken. McMenamin said: "I think that these things were captured by the kraken and taken to the midden and the cephalopod would take them apart".Mark’s theory is that the kraken took their prey with their sucker disc arms and drowned them by taken them underwater. McMenamin’s theory will be hard to prove but he and his team of researchers are very confident in their work.


Assassins's Creed: Revelations review

Today I saw a nice review of the new Assassin's Creed game. I felt like shring it with you guys so her is the link: http://www.g4tv.com/games/xbox-360/65220/assassins-creed-revelations/articles/75738/assassins-creed-revelations-hands-on-preview-the-new-adventures-of-old-ezio/

Looks pretty decent but as I played the second one I'm not stoked to try this one because I think the gameplay is to repetitive.



BlackBerry Service Crashes in Europe

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BlackBerry Service Crashes in Europe

Customers of BlackBerry service in Europe are cut off from web access, e-mail and instant messaging.
The outage occurred at about 11am BST on Monday and was still affecting users after 4 hours. There was no time given for when it was expected to be resolved. No technical details were given publicly by Blackberry.

Although Blackberry has been building up its user base, the outage is a huge failure for Blackberry and will affect it dramatically. Last month there was a major BlackBerry outage in Canada and parts of Latin America. The U.K. and U.S. had to suffer from at least two outages in the past year.
Customers were complaining by using Twitter. The #BlackBerry was used so much it’s trending on twitter now. 

The cause of the outage is unknown but a former RIM employee has told the guardian that RIM was ignoring problems with its architecture for years. The growing user base will have put serious traffic on the servers and probably caused for them to crash. 

Vodafone customer services were advising the users to reboot their mobile phone: Take out your battery and SIM without first turning off your phone, put the battery back into your device without the SIM, and then turn on. Then put the SIM back in.

In a statement, RIM said: "Our technical teams are working to return services to normal operation as quickly as possible. "We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience and we will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available."

Now email services are restored but RIM warned of continuing delays with some services.



Artists Occupy Wall Street for a 24-Hour Show

 For weeks, a growing collection of protesters have tried to get their grievances heard on Wall Street — even if the police have prevented them from establishing a physical presence on the fabled street.
Read More: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/09/artists-occupy-wall-street-for-a-24-hour-show/?smid=tw-nytimes&seid=auto



Iphone 4S stock already sold out

It seems the Iphone 4S stock is already sold out. Although many people expected an iphone 5, the 4S i still very desirable.

Read more: http://mashable.com/2011/10/08/iphone-4s-pre-order-sold-out/



The key to developing programs

The key to developing programs

Designing software is the hardest part of developing software. When a design is created carefully and well structured the implementation in the desired programming language is easy. Though many programs aren’t based on a well structured design and thereby show flaws. In the paragraphs below I will explain some very important points that need more attention. 

Meet regularly with your customer

Although this sounds obvious this mistake has been made too often. Customer go to their software producing company, explain what they want from them and come back after some months to see the beta version and complain about the usability or technical features. This means the program designer has to start all over again and that’s not what we want. So make sure to meet with your customer regularly and show them your progress so that they can give feedback on your work.

Use the right software

The right kind of programming software is the key to making a structured design as well as structured source code. It makes programming a lot easier as it shows an error with an explanation every time you make a mistake. Most development software is free to use. Some examples are Eclipse and Netbeans. For designing a program in UML I recommend using Visual Paradigm as it is the easiest to use and it can be integrated with the software above. 

Less is more

When designing a piece of software make sure to think it trough. Don’t make 7 classes when 5 will do because this will slowdown the performance of the software. Think of easy ways to achieve your goal and make sure to check the internet for information when you’re stuck. Also make use of meaningful names for your methods. This way you know exactly what they’re used for.

 3 Layer model

Every programmer/designer has to understand the three layer model and has to be capable to use it in the right way. What’s the purpose of using this model? Real simple: When we have to adjust some details in of the layers we don’t have to adjust the other layers.  For people who haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about the three layer model splits your code into three parts. The “Graphical User Interface layer”, the “Domain layer” and the “Persistence layer”. These three layers communicate with each other in the same order.
The Graphical User Interface layer (GUI): The GUI interacts with the clients. This is what people see on their screen when they use a program. The buttons, the text fields, … are all programmed in a way to improve usability. This GUI layer contains no methods that involve manipulating data.
The Domain layer: This layer contains all methods that are used to manipulate data. For example: Calculating a formula.
The Persistence Layer: The Persistence layer contains data. It can possess lists of different kind of data or it can make a connection to a databank. 

When you cover all these paragraphs you will see that designing and programming will go a lot smoother when using a structured design.



R.I.P Steve Jobs

(Reuters) Apple Inc co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, counted among the greatest American CEOs of his generation, died on Wednesday at the age of 56, after a years-long and highly public battle with cancer and other health issues.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/05/us-apple-jobs-idUSTRE79472K20111005

For more articles surrounding Steve Jobs: http://paper.li/Linus41Blog/1317314691?utm_source=subscription&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=paper_sub



The Influence of Fragrances

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Everyone likes to inhale a beautiful smell. This can be fresh baked cookies, a lavender bath, a perfume... The basic purpose of odor is to protect us from danger. Nowadays this has changed. Perfume is used in all cultures, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated and its most important goal is to please people and attract them.
As many people know all smells can evoke different feelings and memories. They even can make you feel happy or sad.

Affect upon our memory

When a person passes by, you get a whiff of his/her perfume. Suddenly you realize you know that smell and for a brief moment you slip back in time to that exact scene. Smell is the best sense to evoke memories. A perfume, food, shampoo, etc.. can bring back memories instantly. When you smell a new scent for the first time you link it with an event or moment. This link is made by the brain and every time you smell that same scent it triggers the linked moment.

Affect upon our mood

Fragrances can also affect our mood. This is linked to the paragraph above. Actually it’s real simple. When you smell a scent it will bring back memories. These memories can influence your emotions in a good or bad way.
You can manipulate the use of scents to create emotions. The smell of oranges, lemons and grapefruits can bring you in an energetic mood.
To create a romantic mood you need a scent that gives aphrodisiac effects. Musk is one of the most used ingredients along with different types of wood and amber.
Calming effects are created by the use of lavender and chamomile. Lavender soap or making a hot cup of chamomile tea can relax the body immediately.

Affect upon our taste

What most people perceive as taste is actually a result of their sense of smell. A human tongue can only detect 4 tastes: Sweet, bitter, sour and salty. When people eat or drink they first smell the scent that is released from their food/drink. This is translated in the Olfactory Bulb as flavour.
There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to fragrances. They stimulate the brain in many ways and can even be used as a form of therapy against many forms of illness.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to fragrances. They stimulate the brain in many ways and can even be used as a form of therapy against many forms of illness.


Iphone 4S

Iphone 4S

The new iphone is not called "Iphone 5" but "Iphone 4S". Most people will be dissapointed about the new model, but the 4S has actually changed a lot. The Dual core processor makes the Iphone a brutal machine and the 8MP camera will make beautiful pictures. Apple also revealed "Siri" a program that is completely controlable by using your voice.

Learn more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4uoLvgR_ss&feature=feedu



Japanese Apple website leaks iphone 4S

Japanese Apple website leaks iphone 4S

The Japanese Apple website already presented the new Apple Iphone 4S on their website. There's no picture available but it seems there won't be an Iphone5...

Read more: http://www.tuaw.com/2011/10/04/apple-japanese-webpage-seems-to-show-iphone-4s-a-little-early/


Zombies, run! (Iphone app)

Do you need more motivation for your next run? Well what if zombies chased you? Don't be afraid... but check out this article: http://paper.li/Linus41Blog/1317634091#!stories .



Review Gears of War 3

Review Gears of War 3

The new gears of war... Is it any good or is the third release of GOW a fiasco?
Read all about it in the following article: http://paper.li/Linus41Blog/1317634091 (paper.li)

Written by Sameer Parker.



Breitling MontBrillant 01 Limited Edition

Breitling MontBrillant 01 Limited Edition

One of  Breitling's releases is called the Breitling Montbrillant 01 Limited edition. For the first time this watch is equipped with the new caliber 01 (new movement) that is created in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The series is limited to 2000 pieces and are available in steel and 18k red gold (200 pieces only). 

The design of the new Breitling Montbrillant was inspired by the 40’s and 50’s. The watch was named after Montbrillant, a building in La Chaux-de-Fonds were the Breitling company was  settled. The Montbrillant 01 Limited is issued in twin editions in steel and red gold, with the individual number engraved at 9 o’clock. 

The case back of the Montbrillant 01 is in transparent sapphire crystal which allows you to see the caliber 01 working in its full glory. 

The USA retail price for the steel version on leather strap will be $7415. 

Diameter: 40.0mm
Caliber: Breitling 01
Movement: Self-winding, high frequency
Power reserve: Over 70 hours
Chronograph: ¼ second, 30 minutes, 12 hours
Vibration: 28,800 vph
Case: Steel or 18K red gold
Bracelet: Barenia leather, crocodile leather/Navitimer (steel version only), Air Racer
Water resistance: 3 bars
Bezel: Bidirectional rotating slide rule bezel
Crystal: Cambered sapphire with anti-glare coating on both sides





As you all can see at the end of my post there is a stumbleUpon logo. Now if you don’t know what StumbleUpon is I will explain it below.

StumbleUpon is a social network site. It’s not quite like facebook or twitter but it has a uniqe aspect, website sharing. When u have a SU account you can like webpages and these webpages are then in the stumbe rotation. Other members of the society can “stumble” for websites that are related to their topics of choice. This can bring you to websites you wouldn’t normally find by just looking on google. 

SU is fairly popular as it has over 15 million members. Every stumbler (member) has a profile page where he can interact with others or just go through their friends favorite websites.

So anyone that likes to look for new interesting websites should definitely subscribe to SU and begin stumbling!



Cooking: Delicious lobster dish

Delicious lobster dish

Lobster tagliolini:
·         Meat of a 600-700g lobster
·         1 spring onion
·         1 clove garlic
·         1 large red chilli
·         3 tbsp olive oil
·         2tbsp white wine
·         Juice of a half lemon
·         Half tbsp butter
·         10 sprigs flat leaf parsley finely chopped
·         6 wild garlic leaves
·         180g dried tagliolini pasta
·         10g grated parmesan
·         Tabasco

1.       Prepare the meat
Once your lobster has cooled remove the claws, crack them at the knuckle, then remove the meat. Spread the body lengthways on its belly and cut directly through the full length of the body evenly. Remove the meat from the shell.

2.       Sauce and pasta
Chop the spring onion, garlic and chilli then sweat for 2 minutes in olive oil. Add the white wine, lemon juice, butter, parsley and wild garlic, bring to the boil and remove instantly. Meanwhile cook the pasta in boiling salted water for a minute.

3.       Serve and season
Chop the lobster meat into 2 cm pieces and add to the sauce. Return the saucepan to the heat and bring almost to the boil. Add the pasta and mix together. Season with grated Parmesan, plus a few dashes of Tabasco if you crave spice. Serve immediately.

This recipe is from the magazine “Men’s Health UK”.