27 minute workout

27 minute workout

Last week I read Men’s health and I saw an article with a 27 minute workout. As most of us people don’t have much time to spend in the gym I think this is one of the best alternatives. 

Here is the Men’s Health 27 minute workout:

1.       Lift away stress (5 minutes)
Raise 4kg up from your sides until your arms are overhead. (Repeat x100)

2.       Twist away pain (4 minutes)
Hold your dumbbells before you and twist your body left to right. (Repeat x100)

3.       Row yourself happy (4 minutes)
Lean forward still holding your dumbbells and perform a rowing action. Switch from right to left. 
(Repeat x100 in total)

4.       Reach for calm (4 minutes)
Lean forward then drive your pelvis down until you’re standing.(Repeat x80)

5.       Stretch and smile (10 minutes)
Bend forward until your palms reach the ground walk on your hands until you’re in a press-up position. Now drive your pelvis down and look up. (Repeat x50)


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