Fragrance review: Midnight in Paris

Fragrance review: Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels was made after a watch. The watch was a limited edition and costed around 32 000 euros. 

In the top there is a blast of citrus mixed with rosemary. You can also detect the leather which you will smell from the beginning to the end. After an hour or so the florals begin to come forward. This is where the fragrance begins to start smelling a little feminine. But the powdery leather feeling makes it still manly. 

The drydown is very beautiful. You can smell some inkt, leather, and even some woods. Together they smell very powdery but they stick to the skin.

Midnight in Paris is very mysterious yet it is not overly powerful. From the beginning to the end the fragrance changes a lot and that makes it very unique and daring. The bottle design is very nice. It represents an illusion of a stary sky.

I don’t recommend this to people that just want to smell good but to fragrance lovers who will find this one a masterpiece!


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