Fragrances: Top 5 advertisements

Fragrances: Top 5 advertisements

When you watch television or you go on Youtube you will see a lot of commercials for fragrances. Some are really original and well made. As you will see I love the commercial where cities are at the centre of attention and I’ll explain this in the last paragraph. So here is my top five advertisements for fragrances.

5:  Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent
This commercial is very sensual and sexy but not in a way that the model is half naked. Kate moss is starring in this video. She sits in the back of a car while having flashbacks of lying in her bed. Although that seems very boring and dull it’s the opposite. It’s quite mysterious and very well done.

4. Diesel Fuel For Life
In this clip the actors get a call with the message “are you still alive?”. After they hang up they do something naughty. The women hides for police cars and sneaks out of a house via the balcony. The guy has a wild party in his apartment and makes a huge mess. The music also creates a mysterious vibe.  This is one daring advert you must see.

3. Gucci by Gucci pour home
The actor that is starring in this commercial is James Franco. He plays in the new movie “Rise of the planet of the apes”. When you watch this you get a feeling of exclusivity and wealth. The song that is playing in the background is called “Slave To Love by Róisín Murphy”. The cool thing is that he quotes different parts of the lyrics. 

2. Bleu de Chanel by Chanel
This commercial is directed by Martin Scorsese. Scorsese is known for many movies such as “Goodfellas” and “Gangs of New York”. This collaboration is very impressive. The commercial is visually impressive and you can tell that they put a lot of effort in it. You can watch the whole “mini movie” online which you should definitely check out. 

1.Boss Bottled night By Boss
Although the commercial above is of higher quality, I like this one the most. I’m from Belgium and one of my dreams is to live in New York. Now when I watch this clip I’m just longing to switch character with the actor which is “Ryan Reynolds”. The apartment is amazing and the view is incredible which makes it nice to watch. The song that is used in this commercial is “Angel by Massive Attack”. 


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  1. Wow Those are great perfume ads. I like the last ad because Ryan Reynolds is in there. :)
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