Cars: The new audi A5

The new audi A5 

The A5 is one of the nicest cars that audi has to offer. It’s the most sporty car of the A segment but it’s still comfortable and prestigious. 

The new edition of the A5 hasn’t changed a lot. The design is pretty much the same but the car had a facelift. The grill of the A5 comes from an A6 which I think looks better on the A5 and the back of the car has had some minor changes which I do not regret because it makes the car more aggressive.
The new engines are more economical than previous models and the A5 is equipped with a start-stop system and a turbo. 

Previously the S5 coupé had a V8 engine but this has been replaced by a 3.0 TFSI which I think is a shame. Of course the 3.0 won’t lack of power but the sound won’t be as gorgeous as the V8. (Also telling your neighbours you have a V8 sounds a lot better than “Well it’s a 3.0 TFSI”.)

The interior has had some upgrades for example the A5 has a new steering wheel and you can have an access point to connect your laptop or smartphone so you can browse the internet or read your emails.


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