Fashion: The Birkin Bag

Fashion: The Birkin Bag

This popular and exclusive handbag is designed by the fashion label Hermès. It is a handmade purse which is named after actress and singer Jane Birkin. Women mostly wear a Birkin because it’s a symbol of wealth. Therefore you’ll see lots of celebrities that are loving it, think for example Victoria Beckham that doesn’t come out of her home without her Hermès Birkin.
You can only buy these purses  at a high price, something between $9000 and $150000. The reason for the variability in price is the type of materials which are being used. The bags can be found in different hides, in different sizes and naturally in all sorts of colors. Typical for this kind of purse is that it has a lock and keys. You can see them on the front side of the purse.
Nowadays the Birkin is also more attractive for the younger and less privileged fashionista’s among us. Say a little hurray for the waiting lists are hereby over! Not so long ago people had to wait to get and buy their Hermès bag, and I’m not talking about a few days, no, months or even years! Talking about one popular bag! It is thé timeless accessory that every woman has added to her wishlist.
Here are some celebrities holding their beloved Birkin:


 Victoria Beckham, of course

Eva Longoria

Hilary Duff



I also came to realize that these type of bags are often named or used as accessory in movies and series.
For example in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, one of the characters, Charlotte, asks her assistant to bring the ‘Green Ostrich Birkin’.
Another example is in one of the episodes of Sex and the City season 4. Samantha uses her client’s name to obtain a Birkin bag without waiting a few years.
And last but not least, here’s an example in one of the most popular teenage series of this time, Gossip Girl. In the picture you can see for yourself that one of the characters, Lilly, is wearing a Birkin.


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