LinkedIn: The resume of the future

LinkedIn: The resume of the future

Eight years ago LinkedIn was founded to keep in touch with all your business contacts. At this moment there are about 100 000 000 people who have a LinkedIn profile. But LinkedIn has a lot more to offer than just keeping in touch with your contacts. 

Like any other social network site you have to create an account and upload your profile picture. The main difference between let’s say facebook and LinkedIn is that people can only see your profile picture so the embarrassment of being tagged in a college photo is gone. 

LinkedIn is also used for finding a job. Nowadays companies post their job offers online so a LinkedIn account is your perfect reference. Make sure to enter a valid email address when you’re signing up to the site because that’s where all the information is send to. Also don’t be afraid to ask for some references of your old job. The more references you have the more chance you get picked for the new job. 

Make a lot of contact with other companies/employees or check out the contacts of your friends. The bigger your social network is the faster you’ll get a job. 

Did you found the company of your dreams? Make sure to follow them by clicking on “Company follows”. 

LinkedIn also has a mobile application which is very useful if you don’t want to miss anything there’s happening.


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