Youtube sensation: Fragrance community

Youtube sensation: Fragrance community
Now there are a lot of video’s on youtube and so there are a lot of communities. You all know I am into fragrances so I wanted to let you guys know that there are many reviewers on youtube. Some describe a fragrance into detail and some make short general information video’s. It’s up to you what you like most but I watch them all. There’s more than meets the eye with fragrances. Some fragrances smell linear(Don’t change during the day) and some do a 180 very 2 hours. In the past I didn’t know this stuff but by checking these video’s out you’ll learn everything.
 It all started when I bought my first fragrance which was “acqua di gio”. I started looking for some reviews online and suddenly I stumbled on a video on youtube. This guy named Tim Swetcoff did such a nice job reviewing the fragrance that I made a youtube account and subscribed to him. For several months I looked for some other reviewers but only found one named “Cformosa”. He was actually the first one to make video’s about fragrances but I found him several months later because of Tims shout out. Chris (cformosa) makes short video’s explaining what the fragrance is about. These video’s are for the people that don’t have a lot of time or people that just want to know some general information. So now I had 2 reviewers to watch.
But then came our fragranceGURU. His youtube name is “robes08”. Marc (robes08) has a collection of fragrances that is incredible(he made some video’s of his whole collection so if you have a day of, or maybe a week, you should check them out). Marc explains the fragrance in details so his video’s are a bit longer, but at the end of every video there is some kind of rating system which is very useful. After Marc became very popular more and more people showed up doing reviews and so the fragrance community was born. I’m not subscribed to all of them because I don’t even know half of them but if I spot one I subscribe immediately. Unfortunately Tim stopped making video’s a while ago which is a shame but I’m convinced he will return eventually.
Here I will post some reviewers I’m subscribed to so far: 

Marc is the fragrance Guru of youtube. He explains every fragrance in depth. He tests  fragrances out for more than a year before making a review on youtube to be sure he didn’t miss anything. His collection is huge so we will be expecting much more from him. Marc does not only make reviews but also discusses different parfumiers, brands, etc..

Cformosa aka Cubby (Chris):  http://www.youtube.com/user/cformosa4 (http://fragrancetalk.com/)
Cubby was the first reviewer on youtube. His first video “Don’t wear Axe” was uploaded about 3 years ago. He’s very known in the fragrance community for his short reviews. Cubby’s video’s are perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to watch an extended in depth review but just want to know some basic information. He also has a site called “FragranceTalk” where you can see his videos and buy decants of all fragrances available to him which is very interesting.

Hiroyoruzuka aka Miguel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/hiroyoruzuka
Miguel is a funny guy. When I saw his first video I thought he was some kind of an Asian rapper. But the more video’s I saw the more I liked him. He’s a top reviewer and his video’s are fun to watch. He has a very distinct taste and his top 10 lists are one of the best on youtube.
Smell Extra fly!!

959lover aka Ashkan:  http://www.youtube.com/user/959lover
Ashkan called himself “The sultan of scent”, and he is. He started of reviewing fragrances but is now best known for his splits. Ashkan buys large bottles of niche fragrances such as creed, le labo, etc.. and then split them into smaller bottles so people can buy them for much cheaper. Though he doesn’t make many reviews he still is pretty active.

Kerosene is a nice guy. Once he actually bought some other reviewers a fragrance (Cubby and Marc made a video of it). Kerosene makes quality reviews but the best part of his video’s is at the end. After each review there is a short clip of him doing something hilarious and I must say that is my favourite part.

Like I said before Tim is the reason I started to collect fragrances. I saw his video about “acqua di gio” and went straight away to the mall to buy it (which I sometimes regret). You can still check his reviews out but he doesn’t make any new ones anymore which is a shame. I hope he’ll return eventually and join his colleague reviewers

Other reviewers:  There are many more fragrance reviewers on youtube. I apologize to everyone I didn’t mention . As this is a blog I can’t discuss them every reviewer but when you subscribe to the guys above you will know them all pretty fast.


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