Games: Why pay for them?

Games: Why pay for them?

As people may know games are pretty expensive these days. When first released some games cost about 60 euro. Now when you are a pc gamer there are other options. F2P games (Free to play) are games that only require to download them and you can play for free. Some games require a registration. Now these days more and more games are F2P. Some of them where P2P(pay to play) in the past. Now these games are mostly not completely free because some do micro transactions which can be used to buy some items but that choice is up to you. I almost completely play F2P games on my pc and I take this is the future. It is also proven that F2P games make more money with their micro transactions than P2P games so it’s a win win situation.

Here are some good F2P games:
-          League of legends
-          Dungeons and dragons online
-          Lord of the rings online
-          Combat arms
-          Age of empires online


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