Fragrance review: The Dreamer by Versace

Fragrance review: The Dreamer by Versace

The Dreamer is a very complex fragrance and is well known in the fragrance community. It really suits its name. This one can be used in winter during the day or evening but also on a summer night if it’s not too hot. When you first spray this you won’t like this. The top notes are very harsh and they beat up your nose. They start up very spicy and sharp (a little too sharp) and you can’t smell any of the tobacco.  But if you can get past the first hour or so this scent will reveal its true image. The scent becomes more subtle and close to the skin, the tobacco leaves show up and makes it a bit unique. But what I get of it in the dry down is very wonderful. The harsh scent becomes a fabric softener type of feeling, which is light and very appropriate for summer nights. The longevity on this fragrance is very good. I get at least 8 hours from this one. The projection is moderate. The first 2-3 hours it projects like a beast but then it subtles down to a more close to the skin scent. I got many compliments on this scent when they smelt the dry down.
In short: this one is not for the average man but more for the fragrance lovers like myself. I recommend it to everyone but you have to get past the first 1-2 hours which can be very harsh. The longer the scent stays on the skin, the nicer it becomes.


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