The color of love 

Christian Louboutin’s high heels fascinate all woman since 1991, especially for their red-lacquered soles. It’s one of thé signatures Louboutin gives to his adorable shoes, together with his personalized autograph on the inside and the length of the heels. The story behind the all known red soles dates back to the nineties when he wanted his shoes to be more eye-catching. His inspiration was a red nail polish from a customer. He polished the soles into red and in a blink of an eye a hype was born. It is a visible touch that brands Louboutin. Women can brag about them having the shoes with the red sole. It’s a way of showing of, a statement. In 2007 Louboutin has asked to protect his trademark. The discussion about this is still running.

 High heels = pleasure or pain?

 Christian Louboutin finds that beauty has its price. His heels with a minimum length of 12 centimeter confirm that thought. “If they can’t handle it, they shouldn’t wear high heels”, he claims. One fan definitely agrees, Victoria Beckham. With painful hard skin and a hernia she keeps on wearing her favorite shoes. Although he was so convinced, when years passed he also designed shoes with a lower heel height.


It’s long obvious that Christians shoes are very popular with the crowd but like that wasn’t still enough, he also started designing handbags and of course he had to give them his own personal touch. Therefor each handbag is foreseen with a red interior. One by one they look absolutely gorgeous!

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