Twitter Agrees to ”Do Not Track Privacy” Option

Article first published as Twitter Agrees to †Do Not Track Privacy†Option on Technorati.

               Twitter Agrees to ”Do Not Track Privacy” Option

Most websites often collect information about their visitors. Some of these sites are very respectable, like Facebook. This collected data is used for advertising.
Now twitter wants to make a difference. Thursday the company announced that it was joining Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox web browser, and giving their users the ability to opt-out of being tracked by twitter by enabling the “Do not track” feature on the Firefox web browser.  This function allows people to prevent cookies from collecting personal data — but it will only work if a site agrees to acknowledge it.
Carolyn Penner, a spokeswoman for Twitter, said: “As the Federal Trade Commission’s CTO, Ed Felten, mentioned this morning, Twitter now supports Do Not Track. We applaud the FTC’s leadership on Do Not Track, and are excited to provide the benefits of Do Not Track.”
Recently Facebook started allowing people to see what personal data was being collected, but the function to disable these tracking cookies is still unavailable.
Mozilla shared new statistics for the Do Not Track add-on and congratulated Twitter for its actions.
Mozilla said: “We’re excited that Twitter now supports Do Not Track and global user adoption rates continue to increase, which signifies a big step forward for Do Not Track and the Web”.


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