A new hype has been released! Women no longer have to worry about where to put their stuff when going to parties. The Joey Bra brings the comfort all women were desperately searching for. It is not only a beautiful designed bra, it also has a pocket on each side of the bra, just beneath the armpits, where women can keep their cell phone, camera, keys, … Now they are no longer obligated of always having their purse with them, they can easily use the Joey Bra and are thereby free to dance as much as they like. It’s also said that after a while you are so used to it, you no longer even notice having something underneath your arm. The Bra also comes in very handy when going for a run. Mp3-players, for example, fit into the pocket perfectly, as you can see on the picture below.

The Bra was invented by two students of the university of Washington. They held a survey where they asked women about their party habits. Their conclusion was that approximately 95 percent of the respondents had a problem with storing their stuff when going to a party and 88 percent of those women were very interested in having a subtle pocket on the side of their bra for keeping their personal items.

Thereby, they invented the first bra for women who like to party without carrying a heavy handbag with them. And now you’re probably wondering what this handy thing may cost. Well as I may say it, the designers were very generous when putting up a price tag, as you can already buy one for 30 dollars.



  1. this is one way to do it...but there are also alt options... I've been working on these types of issues for ~5 yrs & have an issued patent on my problem-solving solution, + another patent pending. My PortaPocket strap-onto-the body carrying case system offers hands-free mobility & peace of mind as you'll always know where your essentials are! Enormously versatile as can be worn on more parts of the body (thigh, calf, ankle, arm or waist) and under or over your outfit. Both gals AND guys can use 'em...in new sparkly *bling!* styles or solid black or beige...either way, so comfy you almost forget it's there. Easy to use. Simply wrap the lightweight neoprene band around where you want it and you're good to go! Choose from a selection of detachable, interchangeable pockets that mount to the band and suit items of various size. Fits ID, cash, cards, keys, cell phones, lipstick, tampons, ipods, cameras, passports, inhalers, insulin pumps, epipens, more. Lose the worry...not your stuff. Yay! see more if you like at www.portapocket.com :)

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