Guild wars 2: Bringing PvP to the next level

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Guild wars 2: Bringing PvP to the next level

In almost every MMORPG there is a PvP (Player versus player) aspect. Some publishers put a lot of effort in this aspect of the game, some don’t.
Lately there is a lot to read about the latest Guild Wars game. Although people can play open beta weekends, the game is not yet released and an official release date is yet to be announced. One thing Guild Wars 2 has to offer is a great PvP experience. The whole PvP aspect of the game consists out of two flavors: Instanced PvP and World vs. World (WvW).
The first is basically known be all of us gamers who have already played an MMORPG. You join a team of players and compete against another team in different game modes. When you join a battle, your character will be boosted to the highest level in the game (level 80). This may seem strange but that’s how players will be balanced. Also the character’s gear will be replaced with standard PvP gear. This means that the player’s skills will make a huge difference in combat.
Until now there’s only one game mode available which is: conquest. In this game mode people have to capture different points on the map. When a team takes over a control point they gain points and the first team that hits the 500 points mark wins. Pretty simple…
Now on to the second part of the PvP aspect: World vs. World. To me this is the most interesting of the two because of its originality. In this game mode your server will be competing against two other servers in a campaign course of two weeks long. This huge battle will take place in an area called “The mists”. In this area there are three different forts which are the home bases of the three different servers. There are also a number of other places which people can capture to gain points like camps, bridges, etc. .
The main goal is to capture as many camps and forts as you can. Of course there is different siege weaponry that helps destroying these buildings. This whole experience is yet unseen in other games which I think is what this game will make extra popular.
Unlike instanced PvP where all characters have the standard PvP gear, in WvW you’ll be wearing your own gear but your level will be boosted to level 80. People will be able to gain experience and loot in WvW. This will make the whole PvP experience much more attractive to all players, even the hard core PvE fans.
If you haven’t tried out WvW last weekend, make sure to check  it out. You won’t regret it!


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