Women on the Pill Pick Boring Lovers

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If your husband or longtime male partner has been providing for you nicely but your sex life is a bit dull, it may have something to do with your birth control pill.
2,500 mothers who had at least one child were asked some question about when they first met their partner and if they were on birth control that time. This study, by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, shows that women who were taking a contraceptive pill when they first met their beloved partner, are more likely to stay in a relationship than women who weren’t on the pill. Though the partners of the non-pill taking women are proven to be more handsome, their relationships tend to fail more often.
This research has shown that hormonal variations over the menstrual cycle affect how women see a man as a potential mate partner. It is proven that women prefer more masculine men during ovulation than at other times. The pill neutralizes these variations, making women less interested in the sex appeal of their partners.
Another theory by Roberts claims that women who are on the pill tend to take a partner with an odor that is genetically similar to them. Women who aren’t taking the pill are more attracted to men with an odor that is genetically dissimilar to themselves.
“Women tend to find genetically dissimilar men attractive because resulting babies will be more likely to be healthy,” Roberts said in the release. “It’s part of the subconscious ‘chemistry’ of attraction between men and women.


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