Hackers Again hit Sony PlayStation Network Accounts

Article first published as Hackers Again hit Sony PlayStation Network Accounts on Technorati.

Today Sony said that intruders were trying to get access to their user data base again. The company locked about 93,000 accounts whose ID’s and passwords were stolen and sent those people an email with password reset directions. Credit card number are not at risk which was the case back in April.
The company doesn’t know if the hacker was working alone or with several other parties. Many people criticized Sony that their security system was to impenetrable and there was a rumor that Sony stored their user passwords in a simple text file with no encryption at all. Now Sony says that their servers weren’t intruded at all but that the user data came from other sources and then was used to log in to Sony’s service.
Sony's customer service centers claimed that they have not seen a spike in user calls related to the incidents.
Sony has only recently recovered from one of the biggest security breaches in history back in April when hackers stole the identities and credit card numbers from more than 100 million of its customers. Playstation network and other services were taken down for more than a month. Though the PlayStation Network gained almost all of their members back in a short period. Hopefully this type of security breach will never happen again.


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